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Gerber CSL Dining Room Weekly Menus

Augustana Dining Services is committed to a renewable, local, and sustainable future.

To help ensure a continuous variety of options for our students and guests, our Gerber CSL Dining Room works on a four-week rotating menu.  These menus are created at the beginning of each academic year by our talented staff. Provided below are links to our menus for the 2016-2017 Academic Year along with our current position in the rotation schedule.

Please be aware, though our four menus are the basis for our dining room, our chefs enjoy modifying the menus throughout term as they develop new and exciting dishes.   For this week's exact menu, visit our Gerber CSL Dining Room Menu page.

Rotating Menu Schedule
Week 1
Week 2 Week 3
Week 4

Dec 12 - Dec 18

Jan 30 - Feb 5

Jan 9 - Jan 15

Feb 6- Feb 12

Jan 16 - Jan 22 

Feb 13 - Feb 19

Jan 23 - Jan 29

(Spring Break)