A great mission and vision and new questions to guide our work ahead.

At the campus-wide convocation held on August 15 President Bahls highlighted a number of things about Affirm, Assure and Assess that are worth noting and emphasizing repeatedly.

President Bahls reminded us that our plan calls for us to be true to our mission and values.

He reviewed the following, which make Augustana the special place it is.

Fulfilling our Mission & Vision

Affirm, Assure and Assess emphasizes the values that guide what we do and what we seek in our community today and tomorrow, including a commitment to:

  • Remain accountable to our students and our mission
  • Ensure a student-centered approach and culture
  • Foster critical thinking, creativity and an active life of the mind
  • Encourage both intellectual and spiritual development
  • Embrace diversity, civility, integrity and respect for others
  • Respect academic freedom and traditions of academic governance
  • Cherish academic excellence
  • Act collaboratively within the college while seeking partnership with the community
Isn’t worth taking time to remind ourselves of the values often?
President Bahls also posed several questions for each of us to ask of ourselves and others on campus. He offered a question for each of our eight strategic areas and challenged us to consider these questions in our daily work.

Questions to guide our work and conversations

• How does what we’re doing help prepare students to stand out, and how can we prove it? What experiences can we introduce that will further enable our students to stand out?

• Are we continually revisiting recruitment, admission and retention strategies to ensure we are as innovative and effective as possible? Which new ideas are the best ideas and will they help Augustana become a more diverse institution?

• Is our workforce diverse enough and organized and distributed appropriately to deliver on our mission? How can we be sure?

• Are we actively participating in shared governance and are we communicating with all affected constituencies about important matters?

• Are we working to improve our surroundings and community? What might we do better?

• Are we acting as good stewards of the college’s resources? How do we reallocate resources when new expenditures are required?

• How are we advancing Augustana’s reputation? How can we prove it?

As you review Affirm, Assure and Assess are there other questions that should accompany those identified by the president? If you think of any please be sure to let me know.


Kent Barnds

VP Enrollment, Communication and Planning

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