Affirm, Assure and Assess: What now? How about a blog?

In an effort to maintain an ongoing narrative and discussion of the implementation of “the addendum” to Authentically Augustana, I have committed to maintain a blog to keep our community and other interested parties up-to-date on our progress. For me, this is unfamiliar territory and I hope not to fly completely solo throughout this effort.

It’s my most sincere hope to be joined by those of you who have questions, comments,¬†observations¬†and other things to add to our process. I will do my best to answer questions, clarify direction and keep the entire community apprised of our progress and results with as much frequency as possible.

Successful implementation of Affirm, Assure and Assess is dependent upon our community–faculty members, staff, administration, Board members, alumni and friends all doing their part, which includes participating in the blogging effort by sharing thoughts, asking questions, and making suggestions.


W. Kent Barnds

VP Enrollment, Communication and Planning




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