Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks for America

If Ben Franklin had his way, this may be a Turkey with the Flag

This weekend as we transition from being thankful by eating more than we need to preparing for the birth of Jesus by spending money we may not have on things we may not need, we need to think about some of the good of America. So many times we focus on the bad. We focus on debt, political polarization, mulitiple wars, crime, hunger and other problems. What about all that has gone right in the United States and continues to go right?

Often I use my McDonalds example with my students. They could eat there weekly or even daily and never talk about it. But if there was ever a roach in their McDouble it would be texted to all their friends, on Twitter, on Facebook and anywhere else they could think to post it. Americans are much like that when it comes to government and whichever administration is in power. We fail to recognize when the government keeps us safe. We miss chances to praise them when the traffic lights work or when our airplane is helped to a safe landing. We never take the time to be thankful for near misses like Ben Franklin not getting his way and having the Turkey as one of our most prominent symbols. Now we get to eat it at Thanksgiving, but we don’t have to look at it on t-shirts, banners and in the back windows of pick-up trucks all year long. I am happy to see eagles regularly over those not-so-handsome turkeys.

Let’s take some time to think about all that does work with our system of government. We have had 44 presidents without any periods of military rule like we see in Egypt. We have a President who leads us with honor and dignity. That is true regardless of if you agree with his politics. Take a look at Italy and France. Would you trade President Obama? Locally, in almost all of our communities we know how to contact firefighters or police officers. Let us all be thankful and then try to work together to make things even better instead of always focusing on problems. Happy Thanksgiving from The Denizens!


  1. Michael says:

    Hello! I would like to use the image of the eagle on the flag. It is for a school film project and it may end up on the opening scene of a show we are starting. If you could contact me by email saying I have permission and provide this link it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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