Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

About Number Sense

The Augustana/Longfellow Kindergarten Number Sense Project is one component of Augie’s extensive partnership with Longfellow Elementary School.  It is a collaborative action research project involving Augustana Elementary Education majors, Longfellow kindergarten teachers, and Augustana education faculty members.  The project has two overriding goals:  (1) to provide targeted, individualized mathematical instruction to Longfellow’s kindergarteners, and (2) to enhance Augustana students’ experience in the teacher education program.

Research suggests that the numerical skills children acquire before the 1st grade are better predictors of their future mathematical achievement than other commonly used measures such as tests of memory or IQ.  While kindergarten is a pivotal age for children to develop numerical understanding, kindergarteners come to school with a very wide range of background knowledge and experience with numbers.  It is very difficult for even the most talented teacher to meet the particular needs of each child in the classroom.  The Number Sense Project provides Longfellow Elementary with the capacity to reach its youngest students on an individual basis by matching Augustana students with small groups of kindergarteners.  The Augie students assess the children individually, plan appropriate learning experiences for each child, and evaluate the results of their instructional interventions.

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