Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

The Perfect End to our Journey

This week concluded our work with the Kindergarten students and our involvement in the Number Sense Program. We started the week by administering the acuity test to Mrs. Carmack’s students to ensure she had enough assessment data for the fourth quarter. On Thursday, we wanted to plan one final activity that would be fun and engaging for the students. We constructed a rainbow craft, in which different colored “rays” came out of a cloud. Each ray had an addition or subtraction problem. Students solved these problems using their preferred problem solving strategy, such as counting on their fingers. After the students completed each equation correctly, they were given a few minutes to decorate and personalize their cloud. We did our best to differentiate the problems on each rainbow to ensure that each student was appropriately challenged. We had never made a craft before with the students and it was something they really seemed to enjoy. On our final day working with the students, we also gave each student their daily problem solving workbook, as well as any other tools and assignments they had created or used.

We have become very close with these students over the past two terms, thus it was extremely hard for us to say goodbye to these students on our final day. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and feel we have grown immensely as teachers. The additional practice in planning, differentiating, and delivering a variety of lessons has really prepared us for student teaching and our future as elementary teachers. We are thankful for the constant support and guidance from Ms. Carmack, Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Fields as well as our professors Dr. Egan and Dr. Hengst. With their support, we were able to get the most out of our experience and positively enhance student learning.

We are thankful that we decided to participate in the Number Sense Program and would definitely recommend any future perspective teachers to challenge themselves to do the same.

-Julie and Lisa

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