Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Testing for Counting-On

This week we had the opportunity to work with the students in Mrs. Carmack’s class. My goal for these one-on-one sessions with the students was to determine which of the students in my group demonstrated the counting-on strategy. Out of the five students that I worked with, only one of them utilized counting-on to solve an addition problem. This particular student used the strategy without being prompted by me or by being shown the strategy on the Number Line App. Also, her use of the strategy was consistent, and she employed the strategy to solve all of the addition problems I gave her. When I asked her how she learned the strategy, she told me that it was the fastest way to add and that’s why she did it that way. From all of the problems that I gave her, she always started with the first addend and counted-on starting with that number. She may not have been introduced to the idea of working with the bigger of the two addends. In future work with her, I will be sure to ask her why she always starts with the first addend, and if she thinks it would be easier to do it another way.

None of my other students demonstrated their ability to count-on during my session with them. During the future weeks, I will be testing the students for the subskills that were identified in the Secada, Fusion, and Hall research “The Transition from Counting-All to Counting-On in Addition.”

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