Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Progress Made!

This week, the students made substantial progress. All of the students I work with can count to 100 by tens! Many of them can count to 100 with limited assistance, if any. It’s amazing to see the growth in such a short time period. This week, we worked on similiar skills seen in the sessions last week. The students worked on identifying shapes by drawing and defining the proper name of various solid and two-dimensional shapes. We also worked on solving subtraction problems. The students love the application entitled “Math Puppy”. They love solving the problems correctly to get a puppy on the board! We also worked on ten frames. Most of the students I work with can recognize that a full ten frame represents ten objects. However, some still need to count to be reassured. I’m hoping after a few more lessons with the ten frames, the remainder of the students can recognize that a full ten frame represents ten objects. We also worked on my research question. My partner and I are interested to see how kindergarten students view numbers. The students roll two dice and either draw the number of circles or select the appropriate number of colored tiles that matches the number on the dice. The students then inform me of how they see the number. One student today included subtraction within his ways of seeing a given number! The students also really enjoy this activity. I am interested to see if students who are struggling with seeing various ways a number can be created also struggle recognizing patterns. I have not collected enough data with this category yet to have a conclusive answer. We will just have to wait and see what next week has in store! 🙂

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