Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Subtraction, and Working with Teen Numbers

This week, the students have made such improvements! One of my students who had difficulties counting above thirty was able to count to sixty-four! I also had one student able to count by tens! I have been working on rote counting and counting by tens every week, so it is exciting to see some students who were really struggling with these number sense skills make improvements! This week, we worked on subtraction where the difference is unknown. I used an application entitled “Math Puppy” for this skill. The students really enjoyed it because when they answered a question correctly, a puppy appeared on the screen. Various problems appeared on the screen and the students were instructed to choose the correct answer from an arrangement of numbers on a board. The goal is for the students to make a bingo with the correct solutions. In order to solve the subtraction problems, I worked with the white boards. The students drew circles to represent the minuend. After this, the students matched the number of circles that represent the subtrahead to the minuend. The number of circles that did not have a match provided the students with the answer to the subtraction problem. By Thursday, the students had gotten much quicker and accurate. We also worked with teen numbers this week. We worked on writing and recognizing the numerals eleven through twenty as well as recognizing the numbers in a ten frame. By Thursday, two of my students could write the numerals on their own! With the knowledge from last week associated with the ten frame, the students were able to solve many of the teen numbers without counting the circles within the ten frames. A few students are still struggling with recognizing one ten as a single unit, but we will keep practicing!

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