Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Ready for Action!

This past week I finished up the Kathy Richardson Assessment. After going over the results of the assessment, I placed some of the students into the appropriate categories depending on how successful they were at completing one of the three tasks I evaluated them on. I have identified threes tudents according to Kathy Richardson’s terms of knowledge. Aaccording to Richardson, studnets in kindergarten either need instruction, need practice, or are ready to apply their number sense concepts. The purpose of separating students into these three levels in terms of counting, one more/one less, and number recogntition is to observe different levels of knowledge and thinking in terms of these basic concepts and what we can do to help students who are still at the need instruction level. We will be focusing on finding appropriate tools by using manipulatives and technology in order to find the most effective tool for that student. We will be able to assess different strategies of each student in order to see where students are having difficulty within the number sense concept. Even though we will only be closely assessing and monitoring 18 students between the two kindergarten classes, we will be able to use what we have discovered with these students to implement with other kindergarteners who possess any of the same difficulties.  For example, if someone is sturggling with number recogntition and we find an effective tool or game that helped that student, we can use that strategy on other students who need further instruction in number recogntion too. From here on out we will be working with studetns using both manipulatives and technology to try and find effective ways to reach out to these students needs. By focusing on specific needs, this will allow us to create or modify computer cgames based on the nees of these students as a way to try and help the mastery of the concept as well as continue the advancement in the concept for those who are ready to apply.

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