Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Kathy Richardson Assessment for Kindergartners

Since we are kicking off the research development for our number sense project, we need to determine the levels of knowledge the kindergarten students possess. The Kathy Richardson Math Assessment forstudents on counting a pile of objects, counting out a particular quantity, and adding one more or one less to a number. After working on these three tasks with the students, I found that there were a lot of students who excelled in all three topics! However, there are still some students that do not understand the basic concept of one to one correspondence when counting objects or even the correct numeric sequence, which unfortunately inhibited these students from successfully completing all of the three tasks that were tested. To give an example of the range in ability levels, one of the students was able to instantly state that 200 is one more than 199, yet another student was not able to state that four was one more than three. From this data that I have started gathering, I am beginning to identify different levels of knowledge based on the Richardson assessment.  Not only is this assessment providing specific data of what students know or don’t know, but better yet this assessment allows students to demonstrate how they know what they are being tested on. Observing students’ strategies allowedme to realize what makes sense to kindergartners so that I can implement some of these strategies when trying to teach other kindergartners. One common strategy I saw among several students was a strategy used to answer questions that involved one less than a number. If I asked what is one less than 29, many students would count up to 29 and then remember that they said the number 28 right before and then respond with the correct answer of 28; this shows that these students understandthe concept of one less, however the concept has not been mastered that they can automatically respond with the number. In the weeks to follow, I hope that by working on one concept with various ranges of understanding that I will be able to learn more about why students are still struggling with this concept while challenging those students who have mastered what is expected out of the kindergarten level.

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