Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Kids Have No Fear in Front of the Camera

Last Thursday was the only day between Augie’s spring break and Longfellow’s spring break I was able to work with some of the kindergarteners. Longfellow is on break this week and next week, so I will not be able to work with the kids for a couple of weeks, but I was able to videotape some of their number sense skills last Thursday. We continued to work on number recognition and counting out objects with number cards and marble, since many students still need work on these skills with the numbers 11-20. I worked with two students at a time whose skills in these areas were about average for the kindergarten class. First I explained the activity to the students and had them start counting out the first number from the card they chose, and while they were doing this I turned the video camera on to record their skills in this activity. Not surprisingly, each of the students was curious about the camera and asked what it was for. Once I explained that it was just so we could see how good they were at this activity, the kids were satisfied and returned their attention to counting out marbles. After having questions at first, none of the students I worked with seemed to even notice the camera was there.

Earlier this year, these students each have been inconsistent recognizing numbers from 11 to 20 and counting out the correct number of items up to 20. They also had struggled to grasp the concept of adding on to the number of items they already had; whenever they chose a new number, they started counting from one again, instead of just adding on to or taking away from the number they had already counted. However, on Thursday it was obvious that these students have made significant progress over the past few months. Each of the four students I worked with did very well recognizing the numbers 11 to 20, only missing a few numbers between all of them. They also almost always counted out the correct number of marbles, except when a couple of them were in a hurry and did not take their time to count correctly. Each of them also showed some basic understanding of adding on to their previous number of marbles, which is very good because I have been working on that concept with almost the entire class. When I explained this concept to them, they were able to use it to make the activity easier, but their first reaction was still to start counting from one. So, over their last quarter of school, adding on and taking away from a certain number will be an important concept to continue working on with these students. Hopefully the iPod games and our new iPad will be resources that can help extend the understanding students already have in these areas.

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