Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

the iPad’s first use!

When I brought in the new iPad to the kindergarten classroom on Wednesday, the students immediately were drawn to our new tool! I called the students over one at a time not only to monitor how they were using the iPad but in order to observe their thought process and watch their moves as they played each game. Most of the students had an easy time adapting to the iPad since many students realized that the iPad had the same games that they had played before on both the computer and iPod. Only one student struggled with the iPad while playing the “Line Em Up” game because for some reason he could not get the numbers to drag to their correct position on the number line.  I really think this tool does a good job with allowing the teacher to see what the students are doing, while making the game easy to play and personal for the student’s own use. Because most of the students were so eager to use the tool, I sometimes had to put my hand over the iPad or take it away when I wanted to ask the student a question regarding their understanding or thought process during the game. I still think that technology in general (computer, ipod, and ipad) has some barriers in the fact that even though I could now perfectly see  using the iPad that students were mis-placing the tiles on the number line, the students weren’t slowing down to try and think where the number really went rather they just tried placing the number tile in every open spot. I think that some of the reason why the child is guessing is that the activity may still be a bit of a challenge; therefore, maybe there should be more basic activities or activities that work on that skill but in a different manner so the child doesn’t have to guess and use the iPad to provide the student with the answer whether than obtaining the answer on their own. However, I think there are so many options and ways that we can use the iPad that we will now be able to discover and explore while  in order to come up with various games that maybe can include sound, for example, to prompt and guide the student’s thinking.

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