Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Lining ‘Em Up Was Little Challenge

This week I continued working on recognizing and ordering numbers with the kindergarteners. I worked with mostly higher ability students, so they should have had no problems with a game that requires them to order numbers 1-20. We used the game “Line ‘Em Up,” which gives the students a number line with 20 blank spaces, fills in a few of the spaces, and asks students to fill in the remaining empty spaces. About 4-6 spaces are filled in for the students, so they have to fill in about 15 empty spaces each time. Most of the students I worked with easily completed the number line correctly, and they only struggled with using the mouse to get each number in the correct space. This allowed me to spend more time helping these students with the concepts of before or after and more or less. With the number line, students were usually able to answer which number comes before or after another number, but they were often unable to answer which number is one more or less than another number. I had previously worked on the more or less concept with many students by using manipulatives, and they were very successful, even answering for up to three more/less. Teaching this concept with “Line ‘Em Up” made me realize it is much easier to teach it using manipulatives because students can physically see what one, two, or even three more or less would be. However, with some practice, the higher ability students caught on to this concept during “Line ‘Em Up.” This is important because it helps students relate the more or less concept to the numbers in a number line, rather than just a number of manipulatives. Since these students had no problems with basic counting and number recognition skills, I will work more with them on the concept of more or less in the future to help build basic addition and subtraction skills.

The few average ability students I worked with last week had some trouble with “Line ‘Em Up.” These students struggled to order the numbers 11-20 and needed some help before they could correctly order the numbers all the way to 20. Most of them only had trouble with a few of the numbers in this range, but this is a concept they need to master before they will be successful with simple addition and subtraction concepts. I was able to spend a few minutes teaching each student the before and after concept, but they had the completed number line as a reference. For these students, and the lower ability students in the class, I will work on basic counting and number recognition skills in the future before spending more time on before or after and more or less. There are a variety of both physical manipulatives and technological resources I will be able to use for the concepts I will be teaching to all ability levels of students, so it will be interesting to see which resources are most successful helping the students learn.

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  1. They are definitely moving towards First Grade readiness with their math skills! It’s exciting to see this happen……………that’s why I love this time of the year. You’re seeing “lift off”…………… with some of the others, we’ll see if we can get them there as well! Thanks for your efforts, Josh.

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