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New iPod game idea for lower level ability learners??

This week I worked with the lowest level kindergartners to the highest level kindergartners and everywhere in-between! With the lowest group, I simply worked on number recognition with numbers 1-10. It came to my attention that we actually do need to focus on this concept because when showing some numbers such as 9 one student started making a “ppp” sound thinking that 9 was the letter p! I think these students should be addressed first because not being able to recognized numbers 1-10 will prevent the student from doing anything further with numbers. This struggle made me think about what kind of games we could use or come up with in order to practice this basic number recognition. I thought of an idea that could be turned into an iPod matching game in that there would be a column of objects and then there would be a column of numeric values and students would have to match that quantity to the correct numeric value. By having many quantities and number values represented, the students will learn how to differentiate between different numeric values and their corresponding quantities. I think that these students need to make progress in recognizing numbers from 1-10 if they don’t want to continue to fall behind in math. These problems should be addressed and reinforced everyday in order to build their understanding of the numbers 1-10. I would see more purpose in working with these lower level ability learners strictly on mastering number recognition than working with students who I worked with this week who can solve addition problems in their head. In order to prevent this huge gap in lowest and highest level ability learners I feel it is important to help the lowest level learners so they wont continue to struggle every day in Math because many of the concepts they are learning now probably builds on the assumption that they have already mastered 1-10 number recognition.

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  1. It’s frustrating because we have done so many different activities to develop number recogniton for 115 days now! Keep plugging along.

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