Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

We should be more like elementary students

So I decided to entitle this week’s blog ‘We should be more like elementary students’ because during my work with both the first graders I work with and the kindergarten students, I realized how positive they are about everything. On Monday when I worked with one of the 1st graders, in every activity she participated in, she had a smile on her face, even if she messed up, and would have an even bigger smile when she did something correct. We were playing a dice game where she would have to use the digi-blocks and take away one block for every number she rolled and then tell me how many tens and ones she had left, which helped her with place value and subtraction. Whenever she rolled the dice and took blocks away and got the correct answer, she had a smile on her face and whispered “yes” to herself.

Also, on Tuesday when I was working with the kindergarten students on the iPod’s and they would get the right answer for any game they were playing, some of them would throw their arm up in the air and get scream “I GOT IT!”, while some would just say, “Wow, I’m really good at this game”. Every time they did that, I smiled a little because not only were they getting the answer right, but I realized how much they appreciate their skills and just the little things, that actually turn out to not be so little because these skills they are learning are crucial. This simply made me realize that I should be excited, maybe not jump and yell every time I get a good paper back, but just appreciate success in school, and in this job. Thursday, I was only able to work with four students because the school was practicing for their Holiday Program at the time I’m there, but it was a great way to end before break.

So, I didn’t have much experience with the students this week, but I wanted to talk about the additional positive aspects of my work with the Number Sense Project. It makes my job that much easier, and it was a good way to leave my number sense work before break. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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