Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

The Perfect End to our Journey

This week concluded our work with the Kindergarten students and our involvement in the Number Sense Program. We started the week by administering the acuity test to Mrs. Carmack’s students to ensure she had enough assessment data for the fourth quarter. On Thursday, we wanted to plan one final activity that would be fun and […]

Beginning to Wrap Up

Lisa and I used this week to collect additional data for our final paper and presentations. Students were again given teaching tools they had used early in the program. We hoped to compare how students used and explored these tools early in their number sense develop to how they would used them now with a […]

Nearing the End

This week Julie and I allowed the students to further practice their numeracy skills through apps and manipulatives that they have already been exposed to in previous lessons. During the lessons this week, we made observations of how our students performed using the tools now compared to how they did when they were first exposed […]