Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Extra Practice Leads to Progress

Lisa and I structured our lessons a bit differently this week. Typically our students explore the same concept or skill through the use of both manipulatives and ipad apps within one week. This week, however, our level one students did not experiment with ipad apps at all and our level two focus student only used […]

Exposure Time

This week, Julie and I wanted to allow our students more time to explore an unfamiliar tool before asking them to demonstrate their understanding for the concept or skill being practiced. After reflecting on our lessons this week, we wish this was something we had taken into consideration earlier in our Number Sense experience.

Focus Students

This week Julie and I planned our lessons in a way that would allow us to spend additional time with our “focus” students for our research. We also allotted extra time at the end of the lesson to work with those students who we typically only see every other week.

Focusing On Our “Focus” Students

This week Lisa and I adjusted our usual schedule in a way that would allow us more time with our focus students as well as the students we try to see once every other week. Thus, we did not meet with the other groups we typically see two times a week.

Things are Beginning to Click!

While our students enjoyed their two weeks of spring break, Lisa and I turned our complete focus to our research paper. The break from planning and delivering lessons allowed us the opportunity to revise, edit, and continue writing. We have made great progress and feel confident about the work we have completed thus far. However, […]

Back in Action

After another long break, Julie and I finally returned to Longfellow to continue working with our Kindergarten students! To our surprise, we found that two students had left Longfellow over break, but two brand new students now joined Mrs. Carmack’s class! Other than that, Julie and I picked up right where we left off with […]