Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Halfway There!

This week marked the halfway point of our journey through the Number Sense Program! As we reflect back on the work we have done thus far, Julie and I have gathered a great deal of useful evidence of student learning. Over the past few weeks of winter term, we have structured our lessons in a […]

The End of the Beginning

As we begin to wrap up our first term in the Number Sense Program Lisa and I continued with our research and are making great progress towards our final project. We have found a lot of interesting information that we have been able to relate to findings from our previous lessons as well as information […]

Focus Students

As we near the end of winter term, Julie and I have developed a nice routine that allows us gather and organize information and observations that directly correlate with our research project. Again this week, we had the students within a group focusing on a specific skill, using technology one day, and hands-on manipulatives the […]

Focusing In

Following last week’s lessons, Lisa and I again hit the library to continue our research. With a much better idea of what we wanted to focus in on we were a lot more successful in our findings. Through our research and discussions we have decided to focus in one three students to use as evidence […]

The Lessons that Taught Us

This week, though not as successful as weeks prior, provided us with great evidence for future planning and our research paper. This week we again, focused on one skill for each group and planned two separate lessons—one with ipad apps and one with more hands on materials.

Taking a Step Backwards

This week amounted to an equal feeling of frustration and optimism. For some of our students, we need to continue repeatedly practicing and working to develop their number sense, as it has not yet clicked. For a significant number of our students, however, it has been remarkable to help them work on their number sense […]