Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Making Strides Towards Counting On

This past week, we only had a chance to work with Mrs. Peterson’s class due to the cold weather that caused school to close on Thursday. The activity that I completed with the kids involved a worksheet that focused on comparing numbers and solving introductory addition. The students were given an addition sentence and once […]

Interesting Observations

This week was a shortened week due to the freezing winter and school being cancelled on Thursday. On Tuesday, however, we did get to go in and work with the kindergartners. This week the two objectives I wanted to work on were demonstrating addition as putting together and comparing #’s. For some of the students […]

Back in the Swing of Things

This week was exciting because I have narrowed my research focus and so I had a chance to see what the kindergarteners knew in regards to addition and counting up. The activity that I completed with both classes this week was an introduction to addition, incorporating two colored counter manipulatives to aid in the process. […]

Back at It

This week was our first week back in the classroom after winter break. As spring break approaches, we are just starting to formulate some questions that we’re interested in researching. During my time with the kindergartners, I’ve been really interested in observing the students when they add two quantities together, and how they often have […]

New Year, New Adventures, and New Understandings

This was our first week back with the kindergarteners since winter break, and as usual there were some unexpected occurrences. This week my focus was to see which students are able to correctly identify numerals one through ten. To gain this information I used flash cards with the written numeral on one side and that […]