Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…and Hanukah!

Longfellow students are buzzing with excitement as the Holiday season rapidly approaches. The school has been decorated and as the winter program nears, everyone is beginning to feel antsy still being in school, especially the kindergarteners. This past week we had little to do in preparation for the time that we were going to spend […]

New Experiences And Holiday Cheer

This week was filled with excitement and new experiences. Both of the classroom teachers had something in mind for us to complete. On Tuesday we were asked to play dreidel with the students. This was a new experience for both myself and some of the students. We used skittles for the students to manipulate with each […]

In the Air There’s a Feeling of Christmas

This weeks report will be short and sweet! As the students get antsy with the upcoming winter break and holiday season on their minds, the teachers are also getting final assessments done in order to fill out report cards. Both of the kindergarten teachers had tasks in mind for us when we came in for […]

Getting the Ball Rolling

This past week was our first chance to work with both of our kindergarten classes on activities that were specific for their ability levels. At the start of the term myself and fellow teacher candidates decided to place students in groups where they personally fit best to be challenged just enough and be individually successful. […]

Start of Something New

This week was our first chance to work with both of the kindergarten classes doing activities that we had designed in order to develop their number sense. We were all very excited to begin and the students were equally as excited to see their math teachers return once again. It’s hard not to smile when […]

Hitting the Ground Running

This week marks the beginning of our work with the Number Sense Project! It’s fun to see the kindergartners so excited to continue work with “their math teachers,” as so many of them like to exclaim when we come in to the classroom. This year, there are three of us working with the students so […]