Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Exciting Developments!

This week has been a really great week working with the kindergarteners. Several of the students that I have been working with have experienced “breakthroughs” where the information we have been learning and practicing has finally sunk in and they understand the hows and whys of some of the math concepts. Several of the students […]

The Fun Continues!

This week was full of exciting developments for each of the students I work with! It seemed as if some of the things that we have been working on for the past15 weeks have just “clicked” for them and they are able to understand it now. One student, when we first began working together could […]

Dominos and Scenerios

This week, the fourth quarter goals were the main focus. We have a sheet that identifies which students need extra instruction for given math tasks. While working on these objectives, I was able to incorporate the domino and scenerio aspect of my research. With the new domino application, the students “roll” a domino and show […]

First Week Back

The first week back was exciting. The students were ready to begin math again and ready to play the math games! I received a list of skills the students should master by the fourth quarter. All of the students I have worked with had made substantial improvement. The largest areas of improvement were seen in […]