Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Exploring How Students Understand Quantities with Specific Vocabulary

On Tuesday and Thursday of this past week Morgan and I worked together with one student at a time to assess their understanding of questions that used specific math vocabulary. We continued to focus on before, after, greater than, less than, and more vs. less, but instead of using the number line app on the […]

Last Blog Before Break

This was the last week working with the kindergarten students before we head off for spring break. This week, we worked on how the students saw a given number, but different than before. Instead of rolling the dice amd creating groups that way, we gave the students a scenario based on the math morning routine. […]

Exciting Breakthroughs!

This was our last week at Longfellow before finals and break. It is a bittersweet feeling; more bitter than sweet seeing as I do not want to leave my students for three whole weeks, especially when we had such an exciting and progressive week! This week for our weekly focus goals we remained focused on […]

A Look Into Vocabulary

Last week Courtney and I were really trying to focus in on just one question rather than the two that we were juggling with. Because we had been working with a group of 10 students the past two weeks really trying to get some interesting information to work off, we decided to keep with that […]


This week we worked on various skills with our students. With our four students who understand the most basic math concepts, we started some work on addition. We found that three of the four already have a pretty solid grasp of how to make ten with numbers. All three of them were able to quickly […]

Another Milestone Marker

Each week I am impressed by the visible amount of growth in the students. This week Markaye and I continued to strengthen and assess number recognition with the majority of our students. We have chosen to implement the Randomize-er Game every time we work with the students so that we have a constant factor in […]

Moving Forward!

This week was full of exciting growth for the students. Every student I work with is now able to count to 100 by ten and most can count to 100 by five! I am blown away to see how fast they absorb and learn. This week we focused on the same skill set as last: […]

iPads vs. Physical Manipulatives

My partner and I have begun our research on when technology should be used as a supplement for Kindergarteners. We have begun pulling students aside to assess their success with the skill of balancing numbers on an iPad application and with a balancing scale that has a bucket on each side. Each student was able to […]

Progress Made!

This week, the students made substantial progress. All of the students I work with can count to 100 by tens! Many of them can count to 100 with limited assistance, if any. It’s amazing to see the growth in such a short time period. This week, we worked on similiar skills seen in the sessions […]