Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Success of the Randomize-er Game! :)

Because of the success we had with the Randomize-er game last week with one of our students, Markaye and I decided that we would use this method to assess all of our students on their number recognition. Working with each child on a one-to-one basis, we had the children counting orally as high as they […]

Subtraction, and Working with Teen Numbers

This week, the students have made such improvements! One of my students who had difficulties counting above thirty was able to count to sixty-four! I also had one student able to count by tens! I have been working on rote counting and counting by tens every week, so it is exciting to see some students […]

Week of 1/18/13

I apologize for my entry from last week. I thought my entry submitted, but I see it has not! I will complete two separate entries tonight. Last week, I worked with the students on the concept of “one more than” and “one less than”. I discovered that many of the students I was working with […]

Number Recognition

This week we focused on number recognition with our students. We knew that four of our students had no problems recognizing the numbers 1-10, and were successful at much larger numbers as well. We also knew that these students were capable of writing the numbers 0-10 on their own with very little difficulty, and could […]

A New Research Question We Came Across

After two weeks of research, Courtney and I have continued to stick with our question about students’ knowledge about “more, less, and the same.” I continued with the activity I did before where I had the flash card sets for the students to make pairs of the number symbol and the equivalent amount of dots. […]

Before or After?

Tuesday during number sense Morgan and I worked one on one with students improving their skills in number sense. We wanted the students to improve on number recognition and putting numbers in order without having to count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… every time to find what the next is in the sequence. I used […]

Exciting Discoveries!

This week in Number Sense we incorporated the week’s math focus into our work with the students. The week’s focus was centered on the numbers 11-20 (writing and creating ten frames). For many weeks the students have been able to count past 20. I was a little surprised to discover that while the students knew […]

A New Recognition Game

Since we only had Monday and Wednesday to work with the kindergartners, we really made sure we got down to business. The main focus for these days was to spend some extra time with the students that were struggling with simple number sense skills, like counting up to 20 and recognizing numbers. First we worked […]

How does word choice affect students answers in math?

This week in Number Sense Morgan and I started investigating what students can do and what the students still need to work on. We investigated this idea further, by wondering how students are looking at numbers, patterns, greater or less, etc.

More/Less vs. How many more

This week one of the math skills our cooperating teachers was having the students work on is the concept of one more and one less. Almost all of our students are able to answer quickly and correctly when asked questions such as, “What is one more than 5?” or “What is two less than 8?” […]