Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Assessments an Accurate Report?

The past week we have been assessing the student’s number sense skills with a very long, tedious standard assessment. While testing the students on their ability to preform various math goals that we have been working with this term, we noticed a few pleasing progressing and a couple confusing regressing reports.


This week we worked a lot on assessing the students for their end of quarter grades. So on Friday, we kept things fairly simple and just had the students count for us and be able to add stickers to their charts if they had made progress. We now have a total of five students who […]

Number Sense Week 4!

On Monday of week four my partner and I started using a sticker chart to track the students progress in rote counting. We pulled the students one at a time and took them into the library where it was quiet and where there were minimal distractions. We explained to the students that we wanted them […]

A name change :)

At the beginning of this past week, I had a bit of a breakthrough with a student. Although this was not math related, it did help the student to open up and therefore work be more willing to work and participate in the math activities that Markaye and I conducted. For the first couple of […]

Writing and Recognizing Numbers

Morgan and I started our week off by working with the students that we did not get a chance to work with at the end of week two. On Tuesday we practiced recognizing numbers, putting numbers in the correct number sequence, and worked on writing numbers. We worked one on one with each student. First […]

Dice Use and Number Recognition

Hello! This has been a great week working with the kids! We have begun to incorporate the weeks focuses into our one-on-one work with the students. This week’s focuses were solid shapes, missing addends, subtraction, and pattern recognition on dice. During our work with the 5-6 students who are struggling still with number recognition and […]

Recognizing Number Combinations

This week, I spent some time working with the kindergarten students on directed mathematics tasks. I began by assessing rote counting skills by asking each student to count as high as they could. I made note of their progress and will continue to monitor this skill as the weeks continue. I then spent the rest […]

Progress is Gradual

At the end of last week, we started working on a counting on strategy to with our highest ability students. When we first assessed them to see what they knew, they were able to give us the correct answer if the original number was under ten and the new total was less than or equal […]

Assessments Galore

This week has been filled with nothing but assessments for Courtney and I. We were given packets from Mrs. Peterson that she wanted us to complete, which were math assessments for the 2nd quarter of the year. These packets included many different categories and within each category was the target that the student was supposed […]

Adding Small Incentives Goes a Long Way

We have begun to chart the progress of our students, specifically their ability to rote count, this week. Each individual student’s progress is marked by stickers that we let the students add to the chart themselves. Although the goal, as of now, for the students is to count up to fifty, we have included increments […]