Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

And so it begins… :)

Hello, all! I am Amanda Kriegl, a junior and Elementary Education Major here at Augustana and I will be working with Mrs. Peterson’s kindergarteners throughout these next two terms (Winter and Spring) for Number Sense! I am very excited and cannot wait to really see the kids grow in their number sense skills during these […]

Week 2 of Number Sense

Last Monday we had our first weekly group meeting where all of the Number Sense teachers met with Dr. Egan and Dr. Hengst to discuss how things were going in our classrooms. One of the ideas that was purposed at the meeting was splitting up the kindergarten classes into two groups so that the Monday, Wednesday, Friday […]


My first week of Number Sense began with an exciting introduction into Mrs. Peterson’s kindergarten classroom. I was able to spend time assisting Mrs. Peterson in the classroom while at the same time getting to know the students in her class. In the short amount of time spent in the classroom I was able to […]

Insight from a Kindergartener

This past week we assessed all of the students in Mrs. Peterson’s class. Morgan and Courtney assessed all of the students using the Trailblazers Assessment #1 and found that we had several students in the class that really excelled at the five tasks on the assessment. Amanda K. and I then assessed those students using […]

Continuing the adventure

Hello! This week was a shorter week due to Thanksgiving and I was only able to work with the students one day instead of two. On Tuesday, my partner Amy and myself first made sure that we would work with the six students who were really struggling in terms of number sense. We each ended […]

First formal assessment

While I am part of the Peterson group that was not able to blog last week, this week was full of exciting assessments that will get the ball rolling in terms of where to go with the students. Courtney and I assessed the students formally using the Trailblazers assessment format, and it told us lots […]

Confusion vs Boredom

While working more in depth with the students this week, we have begun to review our observations and what we believe is an accurate representation of where our students’ understandings lie. The most interesting observation we came across resulted in our discovery of a student’s abstract conceptualizing abilities.

The Beginning of the Number Sense Journey

Hi everyone! My name is Amy Knourek and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be working with a wonderful group of peers and professors through the Number Sense Project. My first week has been great! I’ve had some sort of interaction with all of the students within the classroom I am assigned […]

Off to A Great Start

Hello my name is Amanda Cash and I am excited to be starting work in the Number Sense Program. At the end of the first week of Number Sense, all I can think about is how lucky I am to have the privilege to continue working with the kindergartners at the local elementary school. I cherish any opportunity I have to […]

Shaping Understanding

So far our teacher has asked us to individually pull out one student at a time and work on certain skills that she has identified they have been struggling with. One of the skills that many students “need”, or as we have discovered “needed”, more practice with is identifying shapes. Many students, who have been […]