Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Digi-Blocks Help Explain Teen Numbers!

Blog 7 This past week we worked with a few students to strengthen their understanding of teen numbers with the use of Digi-blocks. We found these were extremely helpful for kindergarteners to visualize the meaning of teens as a “group of ten and some more”. First we showed the box of 100 blocks to the […]

Kids offer clues to their learning!

Blog 6 This week was very productive, and we collected several of our lesson ideas from the kindergarteners! In particular, we worked individually with a student who is developing his understanding of numbers 1-10 and his pronunciation of numbers in English. Although we have had some behavior problems with the student in the past, we […]

Testing in Kindergarten

Last week was an assessment week for the kindergartners. For this assessment they were given a written test where they were asked to circle the biggest number between two numbers, the smallest number between two numbers, fill in the missing number in a number line, write the numbers 1-20, complete a pattern, and read a […]

Kinesthetic Learner!

During our teaching time, we decided to work with a bilingual student who has been struggling still with recognizing the numbers 1-6.  While we were trying to work with him, we noticed that he did not like to sit still.  He loved when we let him write the numbers on the white board, but that […]

An interesting student

After discussing some interesting students we have, and which one’s we want to do our case study on, we finally came to the conclusion that we would do it on a particular student that has puzzled us from the beginning. This student is not able to count past seven most of the time, but when […]

How Does The Young Mind Think?

On Tuesday, we worked on the iPads. We particularly were interested in trying to understand how the students think when they play different iPad games. One student really confuses me. He is a student who seems to be at a much lower ability than his peers. Although this student has a problem counting higher than […]

Undesirable Behavior

Today, we were trying to work with lower ability students who were struggling to recognize numbers 7-10.  We pulled out a group of three students; two of which were boys and one that was a girl.  The two boys were not paying any attention to Ms. Kendzior and I.  We warned them three times to […]