Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Teen Numbers!!

This week we decided to focus on recognizing and creating teen numbers with our lower ability students. To work on the teen numbers we decided we were going to have the students explore with pipe cleaners and try and make the teen numbers themselves. This way we could see if they understood what the numbers […]

Teen Numbers Finally Making Sense

As I said in my blog last week the focus this week was also on teen numbers. On Tuesday, I worked with the students with the ten frames again. They seemed to understand it a little better, but still could not fully grasp the concept. A few of them figured out that every time they […]

Yay for adding!!!!

We recently started addition with two of our kindergartners.  When we started the lesson, we were not entirely sure how this lesson would go, but we were pleasantly surprised!  It ended up going amazing!  We started off using the iPad app called “Number Line.”  This showed an addition problem and had a number line on […]

Understanding Teen Numbers

After working with the students for about 7 weeks now, we noticed that some students are still struggling in their number recognition. Most do just fine recognizing most numbers, but about 4 or 5 students still can’t recognize numbers higher than ten. So this week we focused on using different strategies to help the students […]

Discovering meaning behind teen numbers!

Today we made a new attempt to discover some misconceptions that the students have about the teen numbers. To begin, we had the students use number cards to identify the number words. The students were able to quickly recognize the numbers 12-19, so we decided to ask the students to elaborate on how they know […]

Teen Numbers!

Today, we worked with students who were struggling with the teen numbers.  We wanted the students to understand that 12 is not just a one and a two, but it was a ten and two ones.  When the students sat down, we gave them each a card with a teen number on it.  We went […]

Return after a long break

When we started the number sense program up again with our Kindergartners this week I was nervous that they may have forgotten everything we had learned over the past few weeks, and would need some refreshers. However, to my surprise the students remembered almost everything we had gone over in the previous weeks. We played […]

New Student

As I prepared for what I was going to work on with the students this week, I wondered how much we were going to have to review after being on such a long break. A great surprise came when hardly any review was needed. As I began pulling students out on Tuesday to work on […]

5, 6, Pick up Sticks

Today, we worked with students who were struggling to recognize the numbers 5 and 6.  We did multiple different activities with the students involving the numbers 5 and 6, but one seemed to be extremely  helpful to them.  We showed both of the numbers to these students.  They then traced them with their fingers.  After […]

A nice surprise after a long break- Exploring Shapes of Numbers

Today was the students’ first day back to school after the long winter break. I was not sure how to expect the students to behave, but surprisingly they were very willing to participate in activities and well behaved. Michelle and I made a new goal this year to really plan activities that will help students […]