Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Strategies to solve word problems using pencil and paper

There is an iPod game called Word Problems that provides different addition and subtraction story problems and provides shapes for the students to use to represent the quantities in the word problem. I am curious to see if there is a difference in strategies used when using this iPod game as opposed to students solving […]

Work Before Play

Well on Tuesday I didn’t get too much of a chance to work with the students in pairs because the teacher asked if I could walk around and help the students with an activity she wanted the whole class to participate in. The students had a worksheet with ‘boat docks’ on them and next to […]

Counting cookies to show number sense

After using the computer games with the kindergarteners last Tuesday, their teacher suggested using an activity with manipulatives on Thursday. This activity connected recognizing numbers to counting, which is similar to the “Count/Sort” computer game. This is a difficult connection for young students to make, as they often do not realize that a number, say […]

An Active Way of Counting

I continued to work with two kids at a time this week as I did last week. I began with the lower ability and progressed to the higher ability students. On Tuesday,  I decided to work with the iPod and the manipulative’s in order to see if there was a difference in ability to successfully complete […]

How to work on multiple skills while using Bingo game!

When working with one of my kindergarten classes this week, I worked with students who were specifically struggling with rote counting and number recognition. I chose to play the game Bingo 1-20 with these particular students so they could work on number recognition. However, I added some more steps to the game in order to […]

The Moment Where It Just Clicks

Although I had been enjoying my winter break, it was nice to be back at Longfellow last week to see the kindergarteners and their smiling faces. I always enjoy seeing their enthusiasm and excitement to learn every day, even at 8:30 in the morning when most college students dread getting up to go to class. […]

Finally some hands on work

Happy New Year! As I got back into my regular routine here at Augie, that included waking up early to spend some time with kindergartener’s twice a week and doing some math. When I arrived to Longfellow I was greeted with smiles and hugs from them all and that made it a lot better. As I […]

iPods games vs manipulatives

Although I think the iPods are great tools for the kindergartners when working on different number concepts, I was able  to branch away from the iPods this week when working with both classes. Compared to previous observations made in regards to their number sense, I was able to understand a whole lot more of the […]