Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Memory loss…

Hello, I think our first order of business should be to celebrate the fact our teacher is back with us, and the classroom has returned back to its lovely state of Kindergarten Craziness, which is different than frightening chaos. It was a very reassuring to have our commander in chief back, and the kindergartners were […]

Spanish, Spanglish, what’s the difference?

Hello all you loyal blog readers! Today, again, was a bit different than the normal Friday schedule. We decided that the same students were getting to use the computer over and over again so we changed the rotation up a bit. We moved the Wednesday students to Friday and took the Friday students on Wednesday. […]

موضوعي المفضل هو رياضي –

Hello Blog Followers, If you read the title of my blog you may be thinking one, I lost my mind, or two, what in the world does that mean. However, to one student, the title of my blog makes complete sense. On the other hand, “Mi materia favorita es matemáticas” would also make complete sense […]

Caterpillar Counting

It was another station day taking place in Mrs. Carmack’s room. As always, the students were excited to see what was in store for them. Today, at my station, the students would be working with the numbers 1-20. More specifically, the students would be playing the “Caterpillar Game.” The purpose of the game was to […]

Substitute Teacher Woes

Dear loyal readers, Today’s blog may be one of the oddest blogs you have ever read from me. Kindergarten today can only be described by one word…frightening! We had a substitute teacher today because Mrs. Nell is in Virginia and it did NOT go well. We were not able to work with our individual students […]

Station crazy!

Unfortunately, Mrs. Carmack was gone in the morning on Friday, so our kindergarteners were not as attentive as usual. Jessi, Colleen, and I tried to maintain the classroom by helping the substitute with the different math stations. The particular math station I was in charge of was 2-D pattern shapes. The student’s responsibility was to […]

Ups and Downs of Kindergarten

Hello Blog Readers, This is a follow up to Julies Blog about inconsistency, and a very late one I may add. Last Wednesday was a very interesting day for me, and I believe it was one that best show cases the range of abilities, and inconsistency we see with our students occasionally.

Subtraction Already?!

The kindergartners were running around chaotically when they arrived in the classroom this morning. They quickly put their backpacks and lunch boxes away as they do every morning and then found their way to the carpet for morning announcements. After announcements they anxiously wait to see who the Augustana teachers will choose to work with. […]

A Little Bit of Everything

Hello loyal and interested blog readers! Today was a conglomeration of everything, but actually was not an extremely exciting day. Today Benny was much more on his game. On Wednesday we worked on one more and one less with the Ten Little Monkeys song. I think many of you are wondering why I ALWAYS use […]

Circus Trains, Snakes, & More!!!

Hello Blog Followers, Unfortunately, I was unable to blog last week, so I am going to be doing a little overview of what I did with the students last week, as well as this week.