Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Lucky Charmers

On Friday, it wasn’t hard to notice the kindergarteners were all looking forward to hearing the last school bell ring of the day, signaling the start of their Spring Break. To capitalize on this excitement in Mrs. Carmack’s class, we decided to keep the mood by designing a fun activity with the good old “Lucky […]

Follow the Yellow Brick Computer Road…to New Technology!

Good day faithful bloggers extraordinaire! I know I have not written in quite a long time, but do not shed any tears, I have not forgotten you! Today was an interesting day. All week long Longfellow school has had ISAT testing so the schedule has been interesting. The kindergarteners have had gym for thirty minutes […]

Moving on Up

Hello Everyone! I apologize for not blogging as punctually as I usually do, things were quite interesting yesterday and I just lost track of time. Yesterday, was a complicated schedule for our Kindergartner’s so they were a little antsy to say the least. They had gym at 9 which interfered with our work time, but […]

I’m good at this game!

The kindergartners were very excited to see their Augustana teachers this morning. We were on Spring Break for almost 3 weeks, so they were happy to see us! I think we were all just as happy to see them too! Today was my day to work with the students on the computer.