Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

40 isn’t over the hill, but it’s close!

Greetings Blog Readers! Today was an exciting day in kindergarten! They have almost finished making all their letters, and Sarah, Julie, and I got our Valentine’s. I began my day as I do most Wednesday’s. Working with Will and Michelle. I decided to keep with the theme of Dominoes and adding. However, I noticed last […]

Red Hot Valentine

Yet another week has passed in Mrs. Carmack’s kindergarten classroom. Like always, our kindergarteners were excited to see what was in store for them. Unlike our normal game day plans for our kindergartners, today was quite different. Students were asking one another to be their valentine for the day. But, in addition to a regular […]

Monday and Wednesday Domino Madness

Hello Trailblogian Followers! Because I did not get the chance to blog on Monday, I am going to combine Monday and Wednesday’s blog for Mrs. Carmack’s class.

Kindergarteners are loved…Valentines Day Edition!

Today was full of red, pink, and a Valentines Day haze loyal blog readers. There was not as much math as we would have liked, but that is how some days go in the wonderful world of KINDERGARTEN! I worked with only Ryan, Jenny, and Benny today. I did not have time to work with […]

Free Downloads of Our Number Sense Software!

This is Mike Egan making a guest appearance as Jessi on the Number Sense blog. Readers may have noted that the six number sense research assistants often refer to “Randy’s software” as tools they use with the kindergarteners. 

It would be the same…

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well after the lovely snow/earthquake in some cases. You gotta love Illinois weather! The weather seems to have turned up some rowdy instincts in our Kindergartner’s, because when they got in the classroom today there were wild! It took a while for them to settle down. After they […]

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

The kindergartners are going to working on names, so this morning they were reciting, “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” They were really enjoying it, especially when they asked Miss Sara, Miss Julie, and Miss Laura if we were the ones to steal the cookies! Even though we have been working with them […]

Friday= Game Day

Thank goodness for it being Friday. Just as my kindergartners are ready for a weekend, I must say, I can sympathize and am ready, as well. I hope that everyone is still able to follow along with these blogs, even though I’m sure we are all cramming to finish up those last assignments! But, just […]

Kindergarten is all the Range

Many of you loyal blog readers may be wondering about my title, Kindergarten is all the Range. Hmmm some may say; that does not make much sense! What kind of English classes has she taken? Well, never fear I have an explanation. Through this experience I have learned many things about students in general. One […]

10’s 5’s and 2’s

On Wednesday I worked with three students. These students are those of higher ability levels. I will call these students Steven, Jessica, and Grace. Each of the three students completed the same activity. They were given a 100’s chart and first asked to count to 100. Next the student was given a yellow crayon to […]