Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Pennies are the Bear Minimum

 Happy Friday to our loyal blog readers! Today I will continue with a similar blog to Laura’s and Sara’s. We did not work with our individual “regulars” for the whole time today. What we did was help students understand the concept between numbers and “cents.” The goal was to have kindergarteners comprehend that pennies were […]

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Hello Blogastana (Augustana+Blog)! It’s time for me to update you on my wonderful day, and the progress that our children are making. Today was the 100th day of school, which means that the Kindergartners have been in school for 100 days already! Today was a very eventful day, and my blog will be a continuation […]

100-Day Prep & Number Recognition

Hello Number Sense blog readers!!! My name is Jessi Clark, and I am the third math teacher in Mrs. Carmack’s kindergarten classroom. As of now, I will be blogging every Monday and am extremely excited to write about my students’ progress, as well as share the different struggles I encounter throughout this experience. To learn […]

100 Days of School Already!

Today was an exciting day because the kindergartners were preparing for their 100th day of school which is on Wednesday. I am in the same classroom as Julie and Laura so if you have already read their blogs, I may make some references to the students that they see everyday. This morning, Julie and Laura helped […]

Number Banks

Welcome back everyone! If you failed to read my first blog entry, my name is Dana Wleklinski and I am also one of the former math assistants. To catch up on some personal facts about me, click onto to my Biography page. I hope you all have been enjoying our posts, as we look forward […]

16 is a Magic Number!

Hello! My name is Julie Jordan and I am also a part of the number sense blogger team. You can read more about me in my bio, but that is not too interesting. What is interesting, however, is the boy I work with every single day! For confidentiality purposes we shall call him Benny. Benny […]

More than, Less than, Same as

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting our Number Sense Blog. I’m Colleen Mooney and I am one of the math teachers. If you would like to learn more about me, visit my bio page. I will post about my Wednesday in the other kindergarten classroom. On Wednesdays we work with the high ability children. I […]

I’m Going to Write a Really Big Number!

Well, I have the lovely pleasure of being the first to kick of our Number Sense Blog! I’m excited, and today was actually an interesting day so it should make for a good read. I’m Laura Valentine, and to learn more about me you can read my bio, because I’m not going to bore you […]