Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

The Year is coming to a close!

Friday has arrived again! And, sadly, there will not be many more to share. But, as the year is coming to a close, our kindergarteners in Ms. Carmack’s room continue to surprise us each day with their progress. It is amazing for us to look back at our data from the very first weeks with our […]

Caterpillar Counting

It was another station day taking place in Mrs. Carmack’s room. As always, the students were excited to see what was in store for them. Today, at my station, the students would be working with the numbers 1-20. More specifically, the students would be playing the “Caterpillar Game.” The purpose of the game was to […]

Station crazy!

Unfortunately, Mrs. Carmack was gone in the morning on Friday, so our kindergarteners were not as attentive as usual. Jessi, Colleen, and I tried to maintain the classroom by helping the substitute with the different math stations. The particular math station I was in charge of was 2-D pattern shapes. The student’s responsibility was to […]

Spring is here, which means time for assessments!

It was assessment station day in Mrs. Carmack’s classroom, which means mass chaos was in the air. Part of this had to do with it being Friday and the kindergartners wanting to play fun math games. But, we did our best to make this a painless experience, so that we could send our kindergartners on […]

Lucky Charmers

On Friday, it wasn’t hard to notice the kindergarteners were all looking forward to hearing the last school bell ring of the day, signaling the start of their Spring Break. To capitalize on this excitement in Mrs. Carmack’s class, we decided to keep the mood by designing a fun activity with the good old “Lucky […]

Red Hot Valentine

Yet another week has passed in Mrs. Carmack’s kindergarten classroom. Like always, our kindergarteners were excited to see what was in store for them. Unlike our normal game day plans for our kindergartners, today was quite different. Students were asking one another to be their valentine for the day. But, in addition to a regular […]

Friday= Game Day

Thank goodness for it being Friday. Just as my kindergartners are ready for a weekend, I must say, I can sympathize and am ready, as well. I hope that everyone is still able to follow along with these blogs, even though I’m sure we are all cramming to finish up those last assignments! But, just […]

Drum Roll Please… Kindergarteners Continue Success

Welcome back “Number Sense” blog followers. This past Friday, January 29th, the kindergarteners were anxious about the upcoming weekend. For it had been a fun, fulfilled week with the excitement of their 100th day. But, before we could send our little kindergarteners on their way, I needed them to thrill me by achieving some new […]

Number Banks

Welcome back everyone! If you failed to read my first blog entry, my name is Dana Wleklinski and I am also one of the former math assistants. To catch up on some personal facts about me, click onto to my Biography page. I hope you all have been enjoying our posts, as we look forward […]