Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Fun New Computer Games!

Wednesday was the first day back with the kindergartners after their long break, and boy were they excited to see us. I know personally I was equally as excited as they were, but I showed my enthusiasm in a less jumping up and down, clapping my hands way. Jumping back into things I was assigned […]

10’s 5’s and 2’s

On Wednesday I worked with three students. These students are those of higher ability levels. I will call these students Steven, Jessica, and Grace. Each of the three students completed the same activity. They were given a 100’s chart and first asked to count to 100. Next the student was given a yellow crayon to […]

More than, Less than, Same as

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting our Number Sense Blog. I’m Colleen Mooney and I am one of the math teachers. If you would like to learn more about me, visit my bio page. I will post about my Wednesday in the other kindergarten classroom. On Wednesdays we work with the high ability children. I […]