Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Kathy Richardson and her magical little assessments

Hello blog readers! This whole week we have been wrapping up our number sense work since we only have one more week left. We did the Richardson assessment for the whole week with every single student. We did this assessment at the beginning of the year with our students in math methods. Also, Dr. Egan […]

Spanish, Spanglish, what’s the difference?

Hello all you loyal blog readers! Today, again, was a bit different than the normal Friday schedule. We decided that the same students were getting to use the computer over and over again so we changed the rotation up a bit. We moved the Wednesday students to Friday and took the Friday students on Wednesday. […]

Substitute Teacher Woes

Dear loyal readers, Today’s blog may be one of the oddest blogs you have ever read from me. Kindergarten today can only be described by one word…frightening! We had a substitute teacher today because Mrs. Nell is in Virginia and it did NOT go well. We were not able to work with our individual students […]

A Little Bit of Everything

Hello loyal and interested blog readers! Today was a conglomeration of everything, but actually was not an extremely exciting day. Today Benny was much more on his game. On Wednesday we worked on one more and one less with the Ten Little Monkeys song. I think many of you are wondering why I ALWAYS use […]

Inconsistency and Wrong Answers…No Problem!

Hello loyal blog readers! It has been a long time since I have last written. Today the kindergarten room was a bit crazy. It is amazing the inconsistency that children have from day to day. Kindergarteners can count to 100 one day and the next will barely make it to the number 20. Today I […]

Follow the Yellow Brick Computer Road…to New Technology!

Good day faithful bloggers extraordinaire! I know I have not written in quite a long time, but do not shed any tears, I have not forgotten you! Today was an interesting day. All week long Longfellow school has had ISAT testing so the schedule has been interesting. The kindergarteners have had gym for thirty minutes […]

Kindergarteners are loved…Valentines Day Edition!

Today was full of red, pink, and a Valentines Day haze loyal blog readers. There was not as much math as we would have liked, but that is how some days go in the wonderful world of KINDERGARTEN! I worked with only Ryan, Jenny, and Benny today. I did not have time to work with […]

Kindergarten is all the Range

Many of you loyal blog readers may be wondering about my title, Kindergarten is all the Range. Hmmm some may say; that does not make much sense! What kind of English classes has she taken? Well, never fear I have an explanation. Through this experience I have learned many things about students in general. One […]

Pennies are the Bear Minimum

 Happy Friday to our loyal blog readers! Today I will continue with a similar blog to Laura’s and Sara’s. We did not work with our individual “regulars” for the whole time today. What we did was help students understand the concept between numbers and “cents.” The goal was to have kindergarteners comprehend that pennies were […]

16 is a Magic Number!

Hello! My name is Julie Jordan and I am also a part of the number sense blogger team. You can read more about me in my bio, but that is not too interesting. What is interesting, however, is the boy I work with every single day! For confidentiality purposes we shall call him Benny. Benny […]