Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

موضوعي المفضل هو رياضي –

Hello Blog Followers, If you read the title of my blog you may be thinking one, I lost my mind, or two, what in the world does that mean. However, to one student, the title of my blog makes complete sense. On the other hand, “Mi materia favorita es matemáticas” would also make complete sense […]

Circus Trains, Snakes, & More!!!

Hello Blog Followers, Unfortunately, I was unable to blog last week, so I am going to be doing a little overview of what I did with the students last week, as well as this week.

Monday and Wednesday Domino Madness

Hello Trailblogian Followers! Because I did not get the chance to blog on Monday, I am going to combine Monday and Wednesday’s blog for Mrs. Carmack’s class.

Free Downloads of Our Number Sense Software!

This is Mike Egan making a guest appearance as Jessi on the Number Sense blog. Readers may have noted that the six number sense research assistants often refer to “Randy’s software” as tools they use with the kindergarteners. 

How many Augustana math teachers does it take to construct a cardboard “store?”

Hello Trailblogian Followers! Can you believe January is already over!?!?! I know I can’t. Anyways, to begin the week, or month in this case, the three math teachers, Colleen, Dana, and I, met with Mrs. Carmack for our typical Monday discussion and preparation meeting. This week, however, was even more exciting than last week, or […]

100-Day Prep & Number Recognition

Hello Number Sense blog readers!!! My name is Jessi Clark, and I am the third math teacher in Mrs. Carmack’s kindergarten classroom. As of now, I will be blogging every Monday and am extremely excited to write about my students’ progress, as well as share the different struggles I encounter throughout this experience. To learn […]