Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

An interesting student

After discussing some interesting students we have, and which one’s we want to do our case study on, we finally came to the conclusion that we would do it on a particular student that has puzzled us from the beginning. This student is not able to count past seven most of the time, but when […]

Teen Numbers!!

This week we decided to focus on recognizing and creating teen numbers with our lower ability students. To work on the teen numbers we decided we were going to have the students explore with pipe cleaners and try and make the teen numbers themselves. This way we could see if they understood what the numbers […]

Return after a long break

When we started the number sense program up again with our Kindergartners this week I was nervous that they may have forgotten everything we had learned over the past few weeks, and would need some refreshers. However, to my surprise the students remembered almost everything we had gone over in the previous weeks. We played […]

Kids do amazing things!

This week while working with our number sense students I decided to focus on using the manipulatives with my students since we used the iPads last week. The three activities I focused on this week were the puzzle activity, lining up number cards 1-20, and counting with little people manipulatives. For the puzzle activity students […]