Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Digi-Blocks Help Explain Teen Numbers!

Blog 7 This past week we worked with a few students to strengthen their understanding of teen numbers with the use of Digi-blocks. We found these were extremely helpful for kindergarteners to visualize the meaning of teens as a “group of ten and some more”. First we showed the box of 100 blocks to the […]

Kids offer clues to their learning!

Blog 6 This week was very productive, and we collected several of our lesson ideas from the kindergarteners! In particular, we worked individually with a student who is developing his understanding of numbers 1-10 and his pronunciation of numbers in English. Although we have had some behavior problems with the student in the past, we […]

Discovering meaning behind teen numbers!

Today we made a new attempt to discover some misconceptions that the students have about the teen numbers. To begin, we had the students use number cards to identify the number words. The students were able to quickly recognize the numbers 12-19, so we decided to ask the students to elaborate on how they know […]

A nice surprise after a long break- Exploring Shapes of Numbers

Today was the students’ first day back to school after the long winter break. I was not sure how to expect the students to behave, but surprisingly they were very willing to participate in activities and well behaved. Michelle and I made a new goal this year to really plan activities that will help students […]

Light Bulb turns on with use of Spanish Language

The week before winter break was very hectic so I was not able to update my blog until now. However, I had some interesting encounters the last week with the Kindergarteners. I was able to work with one student who I have not spent a lot of time with before and has difficulty understanding due […]

Number Irreversibility

Blog #2 12/2/11   This week, I worked with a student who is really struggling to identify numbers and recognize the teen numbers as different from single digit numbers. For example, the student sees the number 4 and the “4” in 14 as the same number, not fully comprehending the meaning of the number 14. […]

Providing opportunities for students to expore understanding on their own

Blog #1 11/23/11 I have started my first week with the kindergarteners for Number Sense at Longfellow, and I am already learning so much! The first day in the classroom, my cooperating teacher suggested that I take the students into the hall one at a time for a pre-assessment of their mathematical understanding. This was […]