Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Yay for adding!!!!

We recently started addition with two of our kindergartners.  When we started the lesson, we were not entirely sure how this lesson would go, but we were pleasantly surprised!  It ended up going amazing!  We started off using the iPad app called “Number Line.”  This showed an addition problem and had a number line on […]

Teen Numbers!

Today, we worked with students who were struggling with the teen numbers.  We wanted the students to understand that 12 is not just a one and a two, but it was a ten and two ones.  When the students sat down, we gave them each a card with a teen number on it.  We went […]

5, 6, Pick up Sticks

Today, we worked with students who were struggling to recognize the numbers 5 and 6.  We did multiple different activities with the students involving the numbers 5 and 6, but one seemed to be extremely  helpful to them.  We showed both of the numbers to these students.  They then traced them with their fingers.  After […]

Assessment, Assessment, Assessment!

This week was full of assessment for our students.  We were assessing each student on their second quarter math skills.  This includes being able to count to 50, write the numbers 0-10, and drawing triangles and rhombuses to name a few things on the assessment.  There are some students who can do this without flaw, […]

Encounter with a new student

Today, I ended up working with one of our students for the first time.  He had not been at school the other times we had pulled out students individually or in small groups.  When I pulled him out in the small group, I did not know what level he would be at.  Since I wasn’t […]

Interesting ways to remember number symbols

Last week, we had our first interactions with the Kindergarteners for the Number Sense Project.  The first day, we really decided that it would be best to assess our students in order to determine what the students knew about math.  There was a wide range of abilities in our classroom from students who could not […]