Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Teen Numbers Finally Making Sense

As I said in my blog last week the focus this week was also on teen numbers. On Tuesday, I worked with the students with the ten frames again. They seemed to understand it a little better, but still could not fully grasp the concept. A few of them figured out that every time they […]

Understanding Teen Numbers

After working with the students for about 7 weeks now, we noticed that some students are still struggling in their number recognition. Most do just fine recognizing most numbers, but about 4 or 5 students still can’t recognize numbers higher than ten. So this week we focused on using different strategies to help the students […]

New Student

As I prepared for what I was going to work on with the students this week, I wondered how much we were going to have to review after being on such a long break. A great surprise came when hardly any review was needed. As I began pulling students out on Tuesday to work on […]

Assessment Time

During the our last week with the kindergartners before Christmas break, Kate and I did a lot of assessment. We assessed the students on their counting abilities, number recognition, shape recognition, and more. Although these weren’t the most fun activities to do with the students, it was interesting to see how well they were doing. […]

Math Jeopardy

This week during my work with the kindergartners, we split the class up into different groups to play some math games. We grouped the students by ability so students of the same or similar ability were in the same group. We also had two different activities. For the higher ability group, Kate and I created […]

The Light Bulb goes on…

This week during my work with the kindergartners we worked with the number sense iPad apps that Randy made. For most of the kids I worked with the count sort app, which is an app that lets the students practice their counting by dragging the shape to the side and counting out loud. The other […]