Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Subtraction Already?!

The kindergartners were running around chaotically when they arrived in the classroom this morning. They quickly put their backpacks and lunch boxes away as they do every morning and then found their way to the carpet for morning announcements. After announcements they anxiously wait to see who the Augustana teachers will choose to work with. […]

“I’m Smart!”

Today was an interesting day in the kindergarten room. I started off my day with a new group. We have had to change a few of the groups since some students are excelling while others are staying the same. We try to keep the students grouped by their ability so that they can move on […]

I’m good at this game!

The kindergartners were very excited to see their Augustana teachers this morning. We were on Spring Break for almost 3 weeks, so they were happy to see us! I think we were all just as happy to see them too! Today was my day to work with the students on the computer.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

The kindergartners are going to working on names, so this morning they were reciting, “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” They were really enjoying it, especially when they asked Miss Sara, Miss Julie, and Miss Laura if we were the ones to steal the cookies! Even though we have been working with them […]

“10, 20, 30!”

Monday morning I walked into the classroom and to my surprise there was a giant igloo set up in the corner. The kindergartners have been reading books about arctic animals, so the igloo was set up for them to go inside and read to the stuffed animals. They were so excited when they came in the […]

100 Days of School Already!

Today was an exciting day because the kindergartners were preparing for their 100th day of school which is on Wednesday. I am in the same classroom as Julie and Laura so if you have already read their blogs, I may make some references to the students that they see everyday. This morning, Julie and Laura helped […]