Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Usefulness of Electronic Activities

We were finally back to working with the kindergarten students this week at Longfellow, and we have began to focus more on our research angle. So starting now, we will aim our focus towards the number sense skills students learn in kindergarten, and the success rate of these skills using manipulative’s and technology. On Tuesday, the teacher […]

A Unique Way of Recalling #’s

After three weeks away we were back at Longfellow this week…for one day…and now they have break for two weeks. But that’s okay! Thursday was still a successful day of kindergarten work. I decided not to use the iPad this week because I figured a new term, a new ‘toy’. I worked with 4 students […]

12 or 20?

(It’s a bit late but this is from my work with the kindergarten students from last week ) When I grabbed the first two students to work with, they immediately asked if they could count stairs because they knew that other students had done so before, and since they needed help on rote counting I […]

When to use and not to use the iPod?

I also used the video camera this week just to give it a try and see what helpful information I could receive. Some pairs of students I worked with on Tuesday were those of higher ability and I wanted to see how they could do if I used manipulatives to demonstrate what the ‘What’s Hiding?’ iPod game […]

An Active Way of Counting

I continued to work with two kids at a time this week as I did last week. I began with the lower ability and progressed to the higher ability students. On Tuesday,  I decided to work with the iPod and the manipulative’s in order to see if there was a difference in ability to successfully complete […]

Finally some hands on work

Happy New Year! As I got back into my regular routine here at Augie, that included waking up early to spend some time with kindergartener’s twice a week and doing some math. When I arrived to Longfellow I was greeted with smiles and hugs from them all and that made it a lot better. As I […]

We should be more like elementary students

So I decided to entitle this week’s blog ‘We should be more like elementary students’ because during my work with both the first graders I work with and the kindergarten students, I realized how positive they are about everything. On Monday when I worked with one of the 1st graders, in every activity she participated […]

Kids catch on quickly

This week, I started working with two kindergarten students at a time since they are now placed in groups by ability level. We are now working only on the iPod’s, and I am amazed at how quickly these young students have caught on to using the them. This was the first time we used only the iPod […]