Accessing Network Drives on a Mac

Note: This was originally posted on August 15, 2016 and was updated to reflect changes in the process on August 8, 2017.

We’ve had some questions about how to access network drives on a Mac so I felt that this would be a good time to make a blog post about the topic. Your network drives are folders on our servers here on campus. You automatically have access to them when you log into one of the lab or classroom Windows computers on campus, however, if you log into a Mac, you need to manually connect to the folders. To learn more about network drives and how to access them, continue on past the break.

To connect to your Network Drives on a Mac

  1. Go to the Finder
  2. Click on the Go menu at the top of the screen and choose Connect to server…
     You can also use the shortcut Command + K instead of using the menu for this step.
  3. Type in the path for your drive into the Server Address field (screenshot is for the H:drive use the same process and the listed paths below to set up the other drives):
    • For H: drive – smb://$

      type smb://

      type smb://

    • For S: drive – smb://
    • For O: drive – smb://…
      The last part (where “…” is in the above example) depends on department (let me know if you need help figuring this out)
  4. Click Connect
  5. Type in your network username and password and click Connect

The following drives are common for our users:

  • H:Drive – Your personal drive. Students and employees should have an H:Drive.
  • O:Drive – Your department drive. Employees should have access to an O:Drive to share files within their department.
  • S:Drive – The common drive. Everyone should have access to the S:Drive (although they may not have access to all of the files within it) as it is a good place to store files to share across campus.
  • Q:Drive – Our database drive. Employees should have access to this drive.

Things to keep in mind about the network drives:

  • Your drives are only available when you are on campus
  • You need to be connected directly to a campus jack or be connected with our OpenAugieWiFi or AugieWiFi(Secured) wireless networks.

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Kristina Zimmerman is an ITS Support Specialist at Augustana College. Her main duties are training, software support, and general Mac support. To contact Kristina, send email to
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