Canned Responses

Do you find yourself sending out the same message over and over with very slight alterations? If you would like to be able to use what you have written previously in a new email, you might want to use “Canned Responses” which is one of the “Google Labs” available for Gmail.

The rest of this entry contains instructions about how to use Canned Responses. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the box below!

To Enable Canned Responses:

1) When logged into your Gmail, click on the green beaker at the top left of your browser window next to your email. (Alternatively, you could click on the “Settings” link next to it and then click on the “Labs” tab)

2) Type “Canned Responses” into the search bar.

3) Choose “Enable”

4) Go to the bottom of the screen and click on “Save Changes”

To Create a New Canned Response:

1) Start an email as usual

Note: Make sure not to add specifics into your email so as not to send them out later on. Also, if you use an email signature, make sure that you take it out of the message before saving (you don’t want to send out a double signature).

2) Click on the “Canned Responses” link and choose “New Canned Response”

3) Name the response and click “OK”

All text that has been typed into the body of the email will be saved as the canned response.

To Insert a Canned Response into an Email:

1) Start an email as usual

2) Select the point where you want to insert the Canned Response

3) Click on the “Canned Responses” link and select the one you want

4) Proofread your email to make sure that it is ready to be sent

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  1. Susan says:

    I use “canned responses” AS my signature because I use different signatures for different audiences. … Oh, the possibilities!

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