Keep legitimate emails (i.e. TimeClock, copier scans) out of Spam with a filter

We’ve been having some issues lately with emails accidentally going into the spam folder. One way to avoid this is to check your spam folder periodically and unmark them, however that can become frustrating when it happens repeatedly to routine emails.

If this has been happening to you regularly with emails such as timeclock requests and copier scans, you may want to try creating a filter to make sure that those emails always are sent directly to your inbox.

How to create a filter to keep specific emails from Spam:
  1. Locate the email in your spam folder:
    • Go to the left column of your email window
    • Hover your mouse right above your chat contacts list until it minimizes
    • Click on More
    • Click on Spam
    • Search through the list to find it
  2. Click the checkbox next to the email that you want to unmark and then click on Not Spam
    Inline image 1
  3. Go back to your inbox to find the email and open it
  4. Click on the little arrow next to your email address to show the address details
    Inline image 2
  5. Take note of address details that are specific to this type of email:
    • In the case of TimeClock, they are from TimeClock Plus and have “Time-off request” in the subject
    • In the case of a document sent from a copier, they could be from “” or have a subject like “scanned document from”
    • In the example below, emails are from CNET Insider or “dewInline image 3
  6. To create your new filter, go to the of the window and click on the little arrow in the search box, next to the magnifying glass:
    Inline image 4
  7. Type the unique address info. into the corresponding field of the search:
    • In the case of TimeClock, the emails are from TimeClock Plus, and “Time-off request” is in the subjects, so your filter should look like this:
      Inline image 6
    • In the case of a document sent from a copier, they could be from “” or have a subject like “scanned document from”, so they should look like one of the two following examples:
      Inline image 7
      Inline image 8
    • Finally, in our CNET example, the emails are from CNET Insider, so the filter should look like this:
      Inline image 9
  8. Then click Create filter with this search:
    Inline image 10
  9. Check: Never sent to Spam and Also apply filter to matching conversations
    Inline image 11
  10. Finally, Click on the Create filter button

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