Heartbleed security threat

You may have heard about a recently discovered security threat called Heartbleed. This was a defect in OpenSSL – the software that is supposed to allow you to securely browse and transmit data online. This defect has made the usernames and passwords of many websites on the internet vulnerable.


While many of the affected sites have patched the problem, the defect has been in place for a while, so your username and password may have been compromised any time between 2012 and when the patch was put into place. Of the services commonly used at Augustana, we suggest that you change your Google Apps password and the password of any other account that may use the same password. You can find instructions for how to do that at the bottom of this post.


So, what can you do to keep your information safe?

  1. Check to see what websites are affected
  2. Once websites have patched their insecurities, you should change your password and the password on any other site that uses the same password as was used on the insecure site.
    Note: Again, most of your Augustana services are unaffected by this problem. We are aware that Google Apps was one site that used OpenSSL, but it has since been patched. We strongly suggest that you change your password as soon as possible by following the instructions at the bottom of this post.
For more information about Heartbleed, watch the Lynda.com video or click on the links below:

How to change your Google Apps password:

  1. Log into Google Apps
  2. Click on your profile picture (or your email address if you don’t have a profile picture) in the top-right corner of your browser window:
    Inline image 2
  3. Click on Account:
    Inline image 3
  4. Click on Security:
    Inline image 4
  5. In the Password section, choose Change password:
    Inline image 5
  6. Fill in the form to change your password and then click Change Password to submit it
    Inline image 6

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