The New Look of Google Apps

We’ve been receiving some questions about Google’s new look. Starting in June of this year, Google began to change some of their designs. To learn directly from Google why they have been changing their look, I’ll refer you to their official blogs:

However, if you’re not interested in why Google made the change and have some questions, you can find answers to some of our most common questions below:
Where are the old buttons?
In the old layout, all of the main buttons were labeled and visible at all times:
Screenshot of the buttons in the old layout

This is what the buttons looked like in the old layout.

Now, however, of those main buttons, only the Reload and the More buttons are shown when an email isn’t open or selected (as shown below). This is because without an email selected, there is nothing to Archive, Mark as Spam, Delete, Move or Label. Basically, only the buttons that you can use are visible:

Screenshot of the buttons in the new layout

This is what the buttons look like in the new layout.

To see the Archive, Mark as Spam, Delete, Move or Label options, you must first select or open an email. Once an email is selected, the buttons appear:

Screenshot of buttons when an email is selected

This is what the buttons look like when an email is open or selected.

I used to see many more emails in my window. How do I change the density of my mailbox?
These settings can be found under the gear/cog to the right of the screen (although not the one in the top right corner):
Screenshot of Density Settings

This is where the density settings are located.

I don’t like it. Can I change it back?
For now the answer to this question is yes. However, that is likely to change soon as Google is rolling out this new look to all Gmail users. To change the layout (while you still can) go to the settings within your Gmail (not the settings in the top right corner) and select Revert to the old look temporarily.

Screenshot for reverting settings
To revert to the old look temporarily, go to the settings (not the settings in the top right corner though) and choose Revert to the old look temporarily.

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