Gmail Filters

Filters are a feature in Google Mail that helps keep your email organized automatically. They allow you to sort your mail by subjects, senders, keywords and more.

Examples of uses for filters:

  • Sort emails from certain types of people into labels (i.e. professors, students, etc.) that you can easily access in the left panel of your Gmail window
  • Have certain types of emails skip the inbox automatically (i.e. newsletters that you want to store in your email, but not read immediately)
  • Forward emails from certain people to a specified email address
  • Make sure that emails from certain people are never labeled as spam

The rest of this entry contains instructions on how to create a filter (click “Read more…”). If you have any questions or suggestions for filters that you find useful, please leave a comment in the box below!

How to Create a Filter:

1) Click on “Create a filter” to the right of the search bar within your email
Note: You can also find this options by clicking on Settings in the top right hand corner of your email window, clicking on the “Filters” tab, and clicking on “Create a new filter” (if you have filters, this option will be below them)
2) Fill in the form that pops up according to how you would like to filter your mail

3) Click on “Test Search” to see what emails will be affected by this filter
4) Click on “Next Step” to continue
5) Choose the option that best fits how you would like your email sorted
Note: Make sure to check the “Also apply filter to # conversations below” if you want the filter to effect old mail (it’s located at the bottom, next to the “Create Filter” button)
6) Click on “Create Filter””

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