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Sometimes learning a few keyboard shortcuts can really save you a lot of time.  Both Windows and Mac users can take advantage of these time-savers.  On your PC keyboard, look for a key that looks like the Windows logo (⊞) between your Control and Alt keys.  On your Mac keyboard, look for the Command key (⌘).  Below are some of our favorites, feel free to share some of your own in the comments!


⊞ – D will toggle between showing your desktop and your open windows.  Very useful for quickly getting to a desktop icon.

⊞ – L will lock your workstation.  This is a good idea anytime you walk away from your workstation.

⊞ – R will open the Run dialog box

⊞ – Break (over by the Print Screen key) will open the System Properties box

Control – T will open a new tab in your browser.



⌘ – Space will allow you to quickly search for something using Spotlight

⌘ – Shift – 3 will take a full-screen screenshot and drop the file on your desktop (PNG format).

Similarly, ⌘ – Shift – 4 will allow you to select a region of the screen and drop the file on your desktop as a graphic.

⌘ – control – option – Eject  will immediately Shut Down your computer.

⌘ – Shift – Q  will let you close all applications and log you out of your computer.

⌘ – T will open a new tab in your browser.

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3 Responses to Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. kristinajansson says:

    One keyboard shortcut that I find essential is toggling between open windows. You wouldn’t believe how much time it can save! Even better, this can be done on both Windows and Mac computers:

    Alt + Tab — Brings up the Task Switcher with the most recently used windows to the left of the list. Hold Alt and press Tab repeatedly until you reach the window you need. When you let go of Alt, the window you selected will be active.

    ⌘ + Tab — Brings up a similar Task Switcher, but this shortcut switches between PROGRAMS rather than WINDOWS (i.e. it will switch between Word, PowerPoint, and Excel rather than each individual document).

    ⌘ + `(the key above Tab) — Will switch between open windows of the current program. This is useful when you have many windows of the same program open (i.e. 5 Safari windows or 2 Word documents).

  2. Jacob Gaier says:

    One of my most-used and favorite shortcut is closing tabs and/or web pages. To close a single tab on PC, hit Ctrl+W. Closing an entire program is Alt-F4. I’m not entirely sure how to do either on Mac.

  3. shawnbeattie says:

    @Jacob Gaier
    Good one – thanks – I use Alt-F4 a lot too, even all the way to shutting down Windows. ⌘-W works to close windows on a Mac. The closest thing to Alt-F4 is ⌘-Q to quit an application.

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